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Puerto Rico

Socio/political Facts:

  • Population: 3.264 million
  • Capital: San Juan
  • Official language: Spanish and English
  • Area: 3,515 square miles
  • Devolved Presidential Constitutional Dependency

Fun Facts:

  • Puerto Rico is not a state, but a commonwealth within the United States. However, all Puerto Rican residents receive birthright citizenship. They have American passports, and they can travel to the American mainland as they please.
  • Puerto Rico Is the World’s Oldest Colony.
  • Mosquito Bay, which is home to plankton that produce bioluminescent light at night.
  • The Cavernas del Río Camuy contains more than 200 caves that stretch over 250 miles.
  • Cities start to hang up their Christmas decorations in late October, and the festivities officially begin after Thanksgiving.

Baseball Facts:

  • As of 2016, over 100 Major League Baseball players were active in the Puerto Rico Baseball League, in addition to the many hundreds who participated in the past.
  • Baseball is the most popular sport in Puerto Rico.
  • The baseball game was introduced to the island in the late 19th century and the first two baseball clubs were founded in 1897, before the American invasion of 1898 known as the Spanish–American War.
  • Some of the most famous baseball players from Puerto Rico include Hall of Famers Roberto Clemente, Orlando Cepeda, Roberto Alomar, Iván Rodríguez and Edgar Martinez; as well as Jose “Cheo” Cruz; Juan González; Victor Pellot; Yadier Molina; and Bernie Williams.

Baseball & Softball Stats (Impact):

  • 200 kids benefited
  • 5 programs
  • 1 city