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Digital Exchange

The Digital Exchange is an interactive and exciting way for US and Canadian softball and baseball players to connect with their Colombian and Venezuelan counterparts. Through weekly virtual conversations, participants will improve their English and Spanish skills while sharing their passion for sport, culture and learning. In addition to the weekly one-on-one exchange engagements, monthly small-group workshops addressing relevant educational and social topics will be held. We are truly grateful to the US Embassy in Colombia for sponsoring the Digital Exchange and their dedication to greater cultural understanding and unity in our hemisphere. We’d also like to thank the DHL Helping Learners program for the computer donations, greatly increasing the scope of our education programs by improving access to technology for students in underserved communities.

View the selection factors and requirements for the Digital Exchange Program.

Class and course credit available with some schools. If you, your team, or educational institution are interested in participating in this unique program click the button below!