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José’s Journey

In 2012:

Twelve-year-old José Mosquera Hurtado drove a tractor transporting fuel to a mine along with his brother and his friends. While going uphill, the vehicle turned over. While the others escaped the accident without serious injury, José suffered a severe injury that led to the amputation of his right leg.

After Many Challenging Years of Rehabilitation:

Fighting to adapt to his new life with only one leg, José met Justin Halladay, President, and Founder of Project Beisbol. They met in José’s native town of Managrú, Chocó in the tropical forest of southern Colombia. This part of Colombia is highly isolated and impoverished. Families there have few resources and very few opportunities to improve their lives. Even with only one leg, José was one of the first youngsters to participate when Project Beisbol arrived in his area and quickly was able to showcase his raw talent for the sport.

In 2019:

MLB star Jed Lowrie and his wife Milessa heard about José’s story and were greatly moved by his heroic determination and triumph over extreme adversity, both on and off the field. They were inspired to help this young man, and decided that they would cover the costs of a prosthetic leg and rehabilitation procedures. José later had the opportunity to visit Jed at a clinic put on by the New York Mets for Project Beisbol’s Sport for Social Change exchange program sponsored by the U.S. Department of State.

Thanks to the Support:

Of Jed Lowrie as well as the generosity and expertise of Prosthetic & Orthotic Associates (POA) in Orlando, Florida, José Mosquera was finally able to play baseball on two legs for the first time. Today he is a happy young man, possessing both great talent and a deep sense of responsibility. He aspires to one day become a true leader in his community.

In 2020 During the Pandemic:

Jose stepped up to the plate and worked with Project Beisbol to support the most vulnerable people in his village, Managru, Choco, Colombia. He purchased, organized and delivered essential food and COVID-19 protection supplies to 50 young and elderly individuals in desperate situations.

Now That Things Have Improved in his Community:

Jose has come to the USA to take it to the next level with two new state-of-the-art prostheses sponsored by the Lowries. The first is a hybrid leg and foot combination designed specifically for baseball movements. The second is designed for sprinting and track and field activities, which may enable Jose to compete in the Paralympics one day! Jose is now running for the first time since his accident nine years ago. To cap off this amazing trip to the USA will be attending an Oakland A’s game next week with Jed and Milessa, and throwing out the first pitch.