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Thomas Lee, IV

Responsibilities: Ensure interests of the organization are maintained while complying with applicable laws. Coach and mentor younger board members and volunteers. Encourage growth and promote accountability of programs and operations both domestically and abroad.

Location of Residence: Fort Lauderdale, FL

Background & Experience

Thomas is currently an IT Director with DHL Express Americas, where he supports IT integrations between many of DHL Express’ largest customers globally. I have been with DHL Express for 18+ years. . Although I am a native Arizonan I have lived throughout the US over the years but officially call Fort Lauderdale home now. I have been involved with Project Beisbol since 2010 and have visited both Nicaragua and Colombia on multiple missions over the last 10+ years. My first trip to Nicaragua was my most memorable experience with Project Beisbol, as it was such a unique opportunity to help coordinate a large shipment and visit the recipient communities that received the donations. In recent years, I have traveled more extensively within Colombia with Project Beisbol and now even vacation there on a regular basis.