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Rob Oristaglio

Owner, Ultimate Athletes Inc. & Professional Golfer

Background & Experience

Project Beisbol Ambassador

Robert Oristaglio III is an American professional golfer (long drive), and the founder of the athletic training company, Ultimate Athletes Inc. His swing speed has been clocked at over 125 mph. Ultimate Athletes trains elite professional and amateur athletes in a variety of sports in Boca Raton, FL. Rob has a Bachelors from Barry University and MBA from Lynn University. He is also a graduate of Malvern Prep, one of Project Beisbol’s most important partners in the USA.

“Baseball is a vehicle I use to track the direction of my life. Many of my fondest memories involve playing, coaching, and watching baseball, from little league to high school to college to present day. I was lucky enough to have both of my parents coach me at different times of my childhood, and have my younger brother be a bat boy while I was playing summer baseball during high school. I remember being in the stands for the 1993 Phillies World Series, and 1997 when the Florida Marlins won. My love of sports helped me pursue a career working in athletic performance. I have worked with and trained Major Leaguers from every team over the past 24 years. Currently, I own a baseball centric performance and sports recovery center with my business partner, MLB legend Mo Vaughn in Boca Raton, Florida.

Baseball is more than a game to me. It has opened doors both personally and professionally. It has given me tools to develop academically, athletically, socially, and more. Baseball has given me shared experiences with other players and athletes. It creates a bond like a fraternity, brotherhood, team, and eventually family.

I am honored to be part of Project Béisbol. I am honored to share my experiences with the hope to offer others a path to a better life. I want to share in the experience for more people to play, to learn, to grow – to help them realize what they want from life and how to make it their reality.”

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