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Rafael Polos


Background & Experience

A Venezuelan who began his first steps in minor baseball in his country. For different reasons he did not have the opportunity to reach to the professional baseball in his country. That did not stop him and years later he began His path in baseball as a coach at the EBMA minor baseball school and was a training partner at other schools. With the migratory phenomenon he was forced to leave his country where he was preparing to start a personal project, an academy for the preparation of prospects. He arrives in Colombia at Norte de Santander and starts a campaign on social networks about baseball since in that department it was practically non-existent, and he begins a process of preparation and pedagogical updating, waiting for an opportunity to start working on the massification of baseball.Through the campaign on social networks and with the help of Project Béisbol, he managed to draw the attention of the sports institute of Los Patios municipality who hired him to start the baseball training school of that municipality, being the first time in the sports history of the municipality that baseball is practiced. He is currently in charge of that training approximately 30 kids. Rafa is the perfect example of perseverance and resilience and being an inspiration and reference for hundreds of Venezuelan migrants.