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Nicolas Rodriguez Gonzalez


Responsibilities: Coordinate and develop projects at a local level and share thoughts and experiences on the field with community leaders and beneficiaries. Inspire people to never give up!

Languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese and Japanese

Location of Residence: Bogotá, Colombia

Countries: US, Colombia, Brazil

Hobbies: Draw, walk around cities and learn new things

Most Inspiring Moment with Project Béisbol: My favorite moment with PB by far is watching the kids we help. Their sincere smile after throwing a baseball. Then a few months or years later, watching the same kids playing ball at a local team or even representing our town, city or country at a tournament. It’s not just about the game, it’s about changing lives.

Start Date: 2014

Background & Experience

For almost a decade, Nico has been in charge of connecting, understanding and inspiring the communities in which Project Béisbol has worked in Colombia and Brazil. An architect by profession and with a heart that is impossible to measure. From coordinating projects locally and internationally, to developing integration and leadership workshops, and carrying three suitcases full of equipment at the same time through buildings without elevators, Nico has always been there to support Project Béisbol’s efforts.