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Maria Ceballos

Education Manager & Administrative Coordinator

Responsibilities: Monitors and coordinates education programs and general administrative activities. Prepares internal reports; participates in budget planning and management, as required. Assists with project development and planning.

Languages: Spanish & English

Location of Residence: Monteria, Córdoba, Colombia

Countries: Colombia

Most Inspiring Moment with Project Béisbol: My first field trip with the team after the Pandemic (2022), when I had the chance to meet in person many of the kids and partners. They were really excited and thankful. I couldn’t believe how much our support means to them.

Start Date: 2020

Background & Experience

Bachelor Degree in Basic Education, Focus on Humanities – English at Universidad de Cordoba (graduated in 2019). I have participated in different bilingualism initiatives in Córdoba, teaching English to students from rural and indigenous communities.