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Socio/political Facts:

  • Population: 17.11 million
  • Capital: Guatemala City
  • Official language: Spanish
  • Area: 42,042 square miles.
  • Unitary Presidential Republic

Fun Facts:

  • Guatemala means “land of many trees”.
  • Was Inhabited for 20,000 years before the Spanish arrived
  • 22 languages are spoken with 21 Mayan communities.
  • The ruins of Quirigua and the city of Tikal are both UNESCO sites.
  • Antigua Guatemala, the colonial city home to picturesque architecture and cobbled streets, has also been given the same distinction.

Baseball Facts:

  • Has never produced an MLB player.
  • The team is controlled by the Amateur Baseball Federation of Guatemala, and represents the nation in international competitions.
  • The team is a member of the Pan American Baseball Confederation.

Baseball & Softball Stats (Impact):

  • 100 kids benefited
  • 2 programs
  • 1 city