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Luis Escobar Pocaterra


Background & Experience

Luis Fernando Escobar Pocaterra or “el profe” (“the teacher”) as everyone knows him is one of the glories of Cordoba’s baseball. He arrived in the community of Los Garzones 14 years ago. Since then, he has been training the children of the community, building friendships and camaraderies among the people who are close to him. This man’s commitment goes beyond a baseball field. He leads community events during special dates to continue helping those who need it most. “The teacher” can be found every day on the field, training in the morning and in the afternoon. Lucho’s work is highly valued in his community. In addition to his sporting achievements with his Club Tigres, he has changed the mentality of the youth in his neighborhood. Today, several are scholarship holders at the University of Córdoba. We are privileged to be able to help Lucho Escobar, who is an example of integrity, honesty and passion.