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Joan Sebastián Veloza

Community Relations Coordinator

Responsibilities: Communication with communities, teams, programs that request help with sports equipment.

Languages: Spanish

Location of Residence: Colombia

Countries: Colombia

Hobbies: Outdoor activities, adventure sports, getting to know new places in Colombia and learning about its culture.

Most Inspiring Moment with Project Béisbol: My most inspiring moment occurred when I met professional MLB baseball players who I had admired for years. Thanks to Project Béisbol, my dream came true. At that moment, I remembered the entire process that I went through since I started volunteering as a rookie player. This inspired me to continue with this process in which I decided to choose a career that helps build dreams and achievements of the new generations who want to learn from baseball and softball.

Start Date: 2014

Background & Experience

Baseball player with a degree in basic education and an emphasis in physical education, recreation and sports. Certified baseball and swimming coach with experience in early childhood in polymotor processes.